What Beauty Products Are Safe for Pregnancy?

Lipstick is one of the very common products in the cosmetic items and most of the womens use it whenever they go out. When you are pregnant, then you need to look for the alternatives such as lip gloss or herbal lip balm to be on the safe side. In which the lipsticks containing the lead and it can have fatal consequences during the pregnancy, moreover the lipsticks that offers too much of glow will be containing the high lead in it. Since, if you are very careful and conscious not to come in contact with anything toxic, then it is always better to consult with your doctor and also ensure the use of safe lipstick for pregnancy.

When the lead content is high in the lipstick, then it creates some harmful effects on the pregnant women The mineral oils contained in the lipsticks are known to clog the skin spores where this makes your lips dry and chapped in which the cosmetic products that contains the mineral oil will result in the clogged skin and leads to the pimple breakouts. In order to avoid these kinds of harmful effects you can use the natural lipsticks because it contains the natural ingredients with it.

What Beauty Products Are Safe for Pregnancy?

Wearing lipstick is good or not?

Most of the 99% women loves to use the cosmetic products such as like lipstick, nail polish, face beauty products and many more facial products where this helps them to beautiful their skin and makes them feel pretty beautiful and confident. But when the women are pregnant they become skeptical and have the negative thoughts about using the makeup products. This is because these products contain toxins that might cause harm on the baby side and wound their baby. However it is very important for the women to understand that the fashion and makeup industry keeps in mind about the growing demands of the pregnant women. The pregnancy safe lipstick and other make up products comes up with the plethora of non toxic make up ingredient items and that will not cause any harm to the pregnant women because it contains the ayurvedic and natural ingredients in it.

Avoid the anti-aging products too much on your skin

Women should be very careful at the time of pregnancy where this is because exposure to toxic chemicals can have a long lasting effect on the reproductive health so it is best to avoid the anti-aging products too much on your skin where this will lead to birth defects. When you are pregnant you don’t need to know which product is safe and right for your little one growing in your womb so it is very important to consult your doctor before using the skincare and cosmetic products on your body starting from facial to nail polish before you get product. So you need to be very careful during the pregnancy period as toxic chemicals which can have a significant effect during the pregnancy conception.

In fact it does not mean that you should give up using the makeup products altogether but it means that you should not use the makeup products that contains the harmful ingredients with it only then the product is found to be thee good cosmetic product for your skin.

How to select the right lipsticks for the pregnant women?

Many lipsticks contains the traces of the lead and other kinds of metal with it where these can be very harmful for you and as well as for your baby’s health in which you may also find the traces of titanium, cobalt, chromium, copper depending upon the color of your lipstick products.

Having too much of these metals in your lipstick products can have the risky effect on your pregnancy in which the richest red and vibrant pink lipsticks are the most common colors that are specifically known to contain the most traces of these metals. But there are many kinds of lipsticks are found to be free from the metals and dangerous chemicals where you must be very careful with the things that your body will be accepting and it is also important to give your attention to what you apply on your skin part. In which there are number of safe lipstick for pregnancy is available in the fashion and cosmetic products that will give you the desired end result.

Best safe lipstick products for women

When it comes to the pregnant women no level of lead is safe one in which the lead can pass on to your newborn child who has the less tolerance for the lead effect. So the best thing is to read the makeup labels and try wearing the lipstick in the small doses where it will be absolutely safe for your baby. The following are some of the best pregnancy safe lipstick which you can use during your pregnancy period. They are.

Soul tree ayurvedic lipstick

The Ayurvedic lipstick contains the butter and honeys that keeps your lips to be moisturized always and have a lighting effect. It does not contain any type of the toxic chemicals and substances, so this lipstick is completely safe one to use during the pregnancy period and it is also available in multiple shades.

Sachar MD pregnancy safe lipstick

Dr.V.Sachar has researched all the makeup brands and products on the market and has removed all the harmful chemicals that develop the fetus. The lipsticks that are made with the organic ingredients are certified to be the safe product to use.

Botanical cherry plum lipstick

If you are pregnant your lipsticks do not contain the lead and mineral oil and this botanical lipstick is a non toxic one and it contains the natural ingredients with it like vitamin oils and E which are derived from sunflower and castor seed.

Thus we can say that the pregnancy never devoid you from using the lipstick that could harm your baby, so you need to be little cautious before using any skincare products on your body. Also make sure that you read the above guidelines and cosmetic products for your lips where this not only make your lips glossy but also keep it healthy throughout your life.