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Welcome to Sundaes for the Soul!

Welcome old! Welcome new! Welcome yellow! Welcome blue!

…I got carried away. But truly, welcome welcome welcome!

I am so excited to announce that my new blog is finally up and running! For those of you who followed me when I was posting at Coffee and Conundrums and have found your way here, thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to follow me on this new platform and I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made. For those of you who are just finding this site for the first time, hello and thanks for being here!

Like I mentioned, I was formerly blogging on a personal blog I had started, Coffee and Conundrums. However, after a few life altering events, I felt the need to change the direction of my blog to a place where I could share my eating disorder recovery journey as well as have a place to share some of the things in my life and in the world that I think are important. All my posts from Coffee and Conundrums have been added here so if you’re new, feel free to check them out and get to know me a little bit more.

Going forward, I have some new and very exciting ideas for this blog that I can’t wait to share for you all. For now, I encourage you to pop over to my “About Me” to get to know me a little bit better. I also encourage you to read “My Recovery Story”- an unfiltered and very raw depiction of my eating disorder battle that I’ve rarely shared with anyone. Sharing it makes me nervous and very vulnerable but I also feel that as someone who is sharing her recovery journey, it is important to share my own experience.

That’s all for now! If you were previously following me on Coffee and Conundrums through WordPress or by email, you will have to re-follow me since this is a new site. Sorry to make more work, but this is the only time I’ll make you do this, I promise! I invite you all to follow on my on my social media platforms:

Instagram: @sundaesforthesoul
Twitter: @sundaesforsoul
Facebook: Sundaes for the Soul

I invite and encourage you to email me with any questions, comments or even just a hello! You can reach me at [email protected]

Again, I welcome you to my page and thank you for following along with me on my journey!