Recovery Resources

There’s a LOT of helpful information available about recognizing and recovering from eating disorders. Here are some of the things I’ve found most helpful in my journey:

NEDA has a screening tool that you can use to identify eating disorders, information about recovery, ways to find support as well as lots more information that can be useful for anyone suffering from an eating disorder or anyone who knows someone who is. You can find all this and more at their website.

Recovery Warriors is by far one of the best resources I’ve found for information about recovery. I HIGHLY recommend their podcast hosted by the ever-insightful Jessica Raymond who brings on guests including professionals and survivors themselves and encourages them to share their own story. They also have an app specifically for recovery and post lots of inspirational articles. Highly recommend checking them out if you’re suffering or you just want to know more about self-love, compassion and the mind-body connection.

Youreatopia SAVED me and I credit them for getting me started on the road to recovery. You can find wonderful information, thorough and relevant research, “guidelines” to recovery and a whole lot more. Although there is some dispute about some of the information they provide, it personally made so much sense to me as a strategy to recovery. It’s ultimately what convinced me to commit to recovery.

This tumblr answers essential questions about recovery regardless of what method you are using to recover or how far along in the recovery process you are. There is an incredible FAQ section that answered most, if not all, of the questions I had about recovery. You can hear stories from women who have lived through the process. Personally, I found a lot of comfort in their words and still read and re-read some of the posts when I need a little extra encouragement!

Lastly, the Instagram community. In case you haven’t noticed, there is growing number of Body Positive (aka #BoPo) and eating disorder recovery accounts that have popped up all over Instagram. Their messages of body love, recovery stories and defying the thin ideal inspire me everyday and motivate me to keep going! Here are some of my favorites:

@amalielee (creator of the Let’s Recover tumblr mentioned above)