Makeup Must-Haves If You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant, you will see a lot of skin and hair changes that will require a change in the products that you use during pre-pregnancy. Your hormones acting up are mostly to blame for these changes. As a result, you may see either an interesting glow or an unappealing dullness of parts to your body. These can also be manifested in your hair and nails. Other skin problems like dark pigmentation, rashes, acne, and pimple may also develop. For such conditions, you may need to find the best foundation for pregnancy as this product can help you conceal the imperfections on your face.

To this end, I am sharing makeup must-haves for pregnancy that will help you showcase that inevitable pregnancy glow or conceal unwanted and unpleasant skin changes. You will also find some interesting tips and tricks that can help you manage oily skin, skin breakouts and as well as under eye circles from all the restless nights.


If you fail to use the right foundation, you may feel frustrated and quite conscious if it turns out that the foundation made your skin be more oily, too dry, or if it just fades out quickly. You might have just wished you have worn your bare face instead. If you also put on a foundation that does not have the same tone as your skin, you may just freak out after seeing on the mirror for a retouch or a photo uploaded on social media how you really looked with the foundation on.

A great foundation is an absolute must for pregnancy. Having a foundation that stays in place longer than other brands will be a total lifesaver. An added bonus if the foundation you are using provides an absolutely transfer-proof finish and one that adds essential ingredients that won’t be harsh on your skin.


You may find it difficult to rest at night because of the growing baby inside your belly. This will leave eye circles that just seem to add up as the days passed by. Look for a concealer that will provide a full-coverage and one that is just the same as the tone of your skin. Put it after putting on a foundation.

Setting Powder

Setting powders is a micro-finishing loose powder that leaves a light matte effect and smooth luminous finish on your face. Applying on some of this loose setting powder will make you look even better. It gives you a naturally glowing complexion which feels velvety. You only need to use a very small amount and blend evenly on your face.

Sculpting Powder

A sculpting powder is a unique powder that adds a subtle shadow to the skin to define and sculpt the natural features of your face. This product is designed to enhance, contour, and sculpt the look of your face. Sculpting powders are available in a variety of shades. Choose one which will be appropriate in accentuating the natural shadows on every skin tone.


Apply eyeliner with a gentle flick on the eyes to open up your eyes. You can also put slight strokes of the eyeliner on your brows to sculpt them so that they may enhance your overall look.


Applying mascara after using an eyelash curler on your lashes, will make your eyes even more attractive.

Blush on

Blush is a must have can make a drab-looking face a different appeal. It’s like giving your facelift. Look for one that blends well with your natural color.

Light colored lipstick or shimmer

Give your lips a hint of color with a nice lip shimmer. If you want to look bolder, wear a lipstick instead. It not only can complement and complete your look, it also adds confidence. As there are many lip colors and shimmers that are made with vitamins and conditioners, your lips will stay soft and kissable longer.


After these are said and done, the best way to keep you looking gorgeous even with a bulging belly and all is a great smile that you can wear any time and any wear. It can make a big difference in how people will perceive you. It will also make you feel lighter and will allow you to feel more relaxed and ready to go about your day.