How Long Does It Take Ringworm to Go Away

The ringworm is basically the rashes that are commonly found on human skin and can be treated if taken care of initially. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for the ringworm to go away and may affect the nails. Given below are some myths about the ringworm infection that you may not know about:

Ringworm is not caused by the worm

Hus because of its name, people think that the ringworm infection caused by a worm. But it actually is caused by the fungus which is known by the name dermatophytes. The reason why it is called the ringworm is that when a person gets affected he gets the ring on his skin along with the red spots around it. The red ring pattern caused by the fungal spores of ringworm is formed in only some cases but not in all.

Ringworm infection does not only affects your skin

The ringworm infection does not only develop on your skin but can also form on your nails of your either hands or toes. The infectious fungus is also formed on the scalp of your head causing you itching, dandruff. In places of the red rings and rashes, your nails get yellow in color and become brittle and thick. You can use the best antifungal cream for ringworm on your nails also to treat the infection and prevent the growth of the fungus.

How Long Does It Take Ringworm to Go Away

Not everyone has red rings formed on their skin due to Ringworm

Yes, it is a truth that not everyone gets a red ring developed on their skin when they are affected by the ringworm infection but can get red patches all over your skin. It is not necessary that you will get a red ring formed in that area but the infectious area will be visible by the red rashes so that you can apply the antifungal for ringworm in that area. If you have got this skin infection on your head then you will see a red pimple in place of the red ring itself.

Adults also get affected by Ringworm fungus

Not only the children but also the adults suffer from the ringworm infection as it is a contagious skin infection. The fungus called dermatophytes can affect the people irrespective of their age so you also need to take extra care of your skin. You can thus use the antifungal cream after applying the antifungal lotion or powder and can take a bath with the antifungal cleansing bar and shampoo to prevent the growth of the ringworm infection to the other people also.

Ringworm is a contagious infection

When you come in contact with the person who is infected by the ringworm, then you can also get transmitted by the same infection because the ringworm infection is contagious in nature. And the fungus called dermatophytes can be transmitted through whatever objects the infectious person has touched so far after getting the rashes. This skin infection is highly contagious and if you share any object such as brush or comb then it will spread to your body as well causing the fungal spore to develop over your scalp.

Symptoms are visible after a long time you have got affected

Due to its long incubation period, you will not be able to see the symptoms of ringworm infection just after you get infected. It will take at least 2 to 3 days to be visible on your skin through the red patches. And if your skin develops the pattern of red rings due to infection then you will not be able to see the ring for almost a week and the reason behind it is that the ringworm infection has a small reaction initially and in some time it becomes a rapid reaction.

Pet can also transmit to you the Ringworm infection

Pets can also suffer from the ringworm infection and as you know it is a highly contagious infection so you can catch the infection from your pets and can transmit it to them also. And if you notice any symptom of ringworm on your pets, then you must visit the vet to treat the ringworm. You must keep the pet who is infected away from your family and other pets also till he gets treated well. And must take extra precautions while you are touching it and wash your hands on a regular basis.

Not all flaky scalp is due to dandruff

It is not necessary that all the flaky scalp is due to dandruff as it can also be due to the ringworm. It is not mandatory that the ringworm infection causes the red ring or red pimple on your scalp, it can also make your scalp looks like dandruff and forming the scaly and flaky on it. You must then wash your head with the antifungal shampoo and later on use the antifungal cream if your scalp has a bald head.

Every other person needs to be treated who is near to the affected person

As you know the ringworm infection is a highly contagious infection so the person who is living near to the person who has the ringworm must also see the doctor. Then you must use the antifungal products on your body as prescribed by the doctor.


The ringworm infection is a contagious infection and if spread beyond the area of the rash, then you must take extra care of the infectious parts and must follow the precautions and take prescribed treatment by your dermatologist. You can also apply the antifungal cream for ringworm to cure the rashes and infection. We highly hope that with this article you will be able to understand that how long it takes for the ringworm infection to go away and get healed completely and it will also help you know all about the ringworm infection that you had no idea of.