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Practical Tips For Acne During Pregnancy


If there is just a way to control hormones like androgens surging during pregnancy, no pregnant woman will ever see acne buildup on her skin again. Unfortunately, it will be against the natural law. As such, we just have to treat it as a natural occurrence that will eventually fade out as your pregnancy ends. Here we provide you some practical tips on how to treat acne during pregnancy.

How do hormones trigger acne breakout?

Acne appears as a result of the overproduction of natural oils in the skin. This oil is produced in the sebaceous gland (also known as oil glands). These glands produce what is called sebum, an oily substance that acts as a lubricant to the skin. This overproduction is stimulated by a male hormone called androgens (also present in women). The excess sebum goes to the pores of the skin through the hair follicles that are connected to the oil glands and the pores of the skin. Sebum, together with some dead skin that naturally sheds off when new skin cells push them up to the top layer of the skin. These dead skin cells clog up in the hair follicles as influenced by androgens. The accumulated dead skin cells and excess oil attract bacteria, which are scientifically known as Propionbacterium acnes. These form what we call acne.

Treating Acne During Pregnancy

Treating Acne During Pregnancy

Although acne is not considered a health hazard, it can cause a lot of stress to a pregnant woman. The more one worries and stressed out, the higher the tendency for pregnancy-related problems to be more visible or experienced. This will not only lower the self-esteem of the expectant mom but will also affect the development of the baby inside the mother’s womb. We need to be reminded that a natural pregnancy-related problem like acne will subside eventually as the expectant mom completes the pregnancy period.

The safest thing to do when acne begins to develop on your skin is to consider the most natural treatment to manage or cure the condition. Prescription acne medications may not be the best option as they may contain chemicals that may affect the development of the baby inside your womb. However you decide to treat acne, you will need to consult your doctor about it. If you will be using any medication, you need to use it only as recommended.

Skin problems are normally taken as manifestations of an unhealthy immune system. It is best to boost the immune system to prevent any skin condition, including acne, to get worse. It is also vital that the body is provided enough water as this will help flush out the toxins from the body. It is also important that you consider the type of water that you take in. The body is 70% water and every bodily function  depends on it. Anyone will die without it. However, not every water available should be taken in as not all water sources will be healthy for you. Consider drinking quality filtered water that contains antioxidants as this will be the most beneficial for your body.

Coconut Oil May Help Clear Your Acne

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is proven to be healthy. It is good for the heart, helps boost the immune system, and do so much more to make life healthier.

You can use coconut oil as a hair care, skin care, and weight loss product. It is also effective in treating a yeast infection, improving digestion, and in boosting the immune system to prevent several infections and diseases from affecting the body.

Massage a small amount of coconut oil on problem areas and you will see improvement of the skin when this is done regularly. Coconut oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help heal, repair, and revitalize dead skin tissues.

You can do so much more with this amazing natural health wonder than just use it to cook delicious foods. Use it on your acne and your skin will love it!

Practical Tips For Acne During Pregnancy

Tips For Acne During Pregnancy

Having said some of the important methods that you can do to prevent an acne breakout, you also need to consider these practical tips so you can keep your skin healthy. If you already have acne, do these reminders to help clear out acne soon.

  1. Do not pick, scratch, or pop your acne. This will just irritate your skin and allow bacteria-causing acne to spread and make the condition worse.
  2. Do mind your cleansing routine. Your skin needs to be cleaned with mild soap and water twice a day – in the morning when you wake up and at night before you sleep. However, you should not be tempted to over-wash your face or rub your skin as this may cause irritation and exacerbate your condition. Stripping your skin with oil will send a wring signal to the oil glands to produce more oil to moisturize it. This may later affect the natural oil production and, as a result, worsen the condition.
  3. Do not wear makeup if you can avoid it. If you really need to, use non-comedogenic and water-based brands as they don’t tend to clog the pores.
  4. Do eat healthy and a balanced diet. You may need to cut back on foods that contain bad fats as, sugar, as well as processed grains. Healthy greens are most healthy not just for your skin but for your whole body as well. Again, eat more of those foods that will help boost your immune system to keep your body system functioning well and keep skin problems like acne at bay.
  5. Do ask your primary health provider for the recommended medication. If you need to use medicated acne products, the safest thing to do is to consult your doctor for the right product to use.
  6. Do give your body adequate rest and sleep. This will allow your system to re-energize and while your body is at rest. This is, of course, good for your baby’s health as well.

Tips To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

You have seen the signs. You are having a baby. Is there anything special in it than having to carry around another person inside your belly? Well, there is much more than just a baby bump that you will see and experience as baby grows. Your significant other, as well as other relatives and friends, will have a word or two on how to make your pregnancy enjoyable.

Your doctor will have more to tell you about what to do and what not to do during your pregnancy. It may be overwhelming. But as the days move to a month or two, you will soon find out that you are more expectant than apprehensive of all the things that have to do with the day when your new bundle of joy will be welcomed to this world.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

There are so many health risks for a pregnant woman. Everything that passes through your system goes into the bloodstream and may affect your baby’s development. You will be reminded time and again of the things that you need to do while you are heavy with a child. You may be familiar with some of them.

In this post, we provide you with more pregnancy tips that will help you and your baby safe and healthy throughout the journey.

  1. Take pregnancy health supplements. Pregnancy requires that you take more than your daily requirements of essential nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, and iron as your baby’s development also depends on these. Your doctor normally prescribes what supplement you will need for the optimum health of your baby. Your doctor may ask if you have any allergies, if you are taking any medication, or if you have any medical history that may require medical attention. Make sure to let your doctor know everything about your health condition.
  2. Have adequate exercise. You may feel sluggish as the baby inside your belly grows. Still, it is vital that you stay active as this will lessen the stress that you may feel, improve the blood circulation in your body, make you feel alive and enthusiastic and allow you to have a good sleep. Enlisting in a pregnancy exercise class or taking a walk for about 15-20 minutes a day in cool and convenient places and at a moderate pace will be a good start. You may need to consult your doctor for any activity that you would like to incorporate into your day. Make sure that you don’t exert too much effort or overdo as this will be more stressful for you and your baby.
  3. Prepare A Birth Plan. Get everyone involved. Write down everything you can think about how you would like your pregnancy to go about. Do you think it is best to have a doula to help you throughout your pregnancy? Is there anything that you would like to do or to have on that special day? Do you intend to have a natural birth or would like special medications that will ease labor and child delivery?
  4. Educate yourself. Preparation for the big day starts by understanding what the process and the condition entails. If you can attend a childbirth class, do so. This will give you the chance to discover more about your condition, childbearing, and child-rearing. You can also get to know more about your family’s medical history and if there are any previous birth problems you may inquire from your doctor of any danger related to it.
  5. Practice Kegels. This exercise will strengthen your pelvic muscles. Having strong pelvic floor muscles will make child delivery easier. You can do this simple exercise anywhere and no one will ever notice that you are doing it.
  6. Avoid strenuous household chores. Heavy lifting, using hazardous chemicals, cleaning the kitten litter, standing for a long time, and other risky daily tasks can put you and your baby to danger. This is the time to take them off your daily duties.
  7. Track Your Weight. Both gaining more and gaining less weight during pregnancy are not good for you and your baby. It is a smart practice to track your weight gain and check with your doctor regularly to make sure that you are gaining weight at a healthy rate. Note that a gain of about 15-25 pounds is considered overweight. A gain of 28-40 pounds is underweight, while a gain of 11-20 pounds is considered obese. A normal gain weight is from 15-25 pounds.
  8. Wear comfortable shoes. Your feet grow as your baby bump grows. Over time, you may feel that you are putting more pressure on your feet. This may cause your feet to flatten. You may also retain more fluids down there. As a result, your feet and ankle may swell. This will require you to wear comfortable shoes. It will also help to put your feet up while resting a few times a day as this will help prevent your legs and feet to swell.
  9. Eat folate-rich foods. Folate, in the form of folic acid, is essential in the proper development of the neural tube and in the creation of new red blood cells. Eat more foods rich in folate, such as oranges, orange juice, asparagus, and fortified breakfast cereals.
  10. Eat more fruits. The natural sugars in fruits will keep you energized.
  11. Add fish to your diet. Opt for those that are high in Omega 3s (nutrient vital for brain development), but stay away from the varieties of fish that contain mercury such as tilefish, shark, swordfish, and king mackerel.
  12. Wear sun protection and use safe sunsceen for pregnancy. Your skin is more susceptible to skin discoloration or pigmentation during pregnancy. It is advisable that you stay in the shade when you are outdoors. Wearing protective clothing, glasses, as well as sunscreen will limit the probability of the sun’s harmful rays directly touching your skin. When choosing a sunscreen product, opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen as it filters out both UVB and UVA rays.
  13. Pamper yourself. This is your time to relax and de-stress. Give yourself as much rest as it needs. Give in to your cravings but make sure that you set a limit or you may end up overweight soon.
  14. Travel safely. Plan ahead of time so you can prepare everything that you need for an enjoyable trip. While on the go, keep yourself hydrated, walk after every thirty minutes to prevent your feet from swelling and reduce the risk of blood clots. Make sure to follow the safety rules while on the go.
  15. Keep Your Lines Open. You don’t know when emergencies will happen. Always keep your phone lines open and have emergency numbers saved on your phone for easier dialing. Keep your doctor updated on what’s going on with you and your baby, especially when there are unusual indications like shortness of breath, palpitations, vaginal bleeding, strong cramps, and the likes.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Products

Congratulations! You are now on your way to becoming a mom. The condition will definitely raise you and your significant others’ curiosity, especially it is going to be your first baby. There will be much concern as to how you and your baby will stay healthy while enjoying the journey.

There will be periods of highs and lows and these will be greatly affected by factors that primarily involves how your baby is developing inside your womb.

You will experience unusual bodily changes that may also trigger certain emotional responses. In the beginning, you may feel that certain high while noticing the bump in your tummy growing with each passing day. However, your condition will also require that you get more nutritional value from the food that you take. It will also charge your body to require more rest than you normally provide it.

As your baby continues to develop, you will notice that your body features (hair, nails, skin) will show a variety of changes. Some women feel that they are at their best during this period. Some experience otherwise. Most women will notice that their skin cells need to be hydrated more frequently as your body is now providing for not just one but two persons.

Pregnancy Skin Care Product

Mothers need all the pampering that they can get. However, not everything that may be provided for you may be beneficial. There are certain diets, beauty regimen, as well as skin care products that you used to love that you may have to give up during pregnancy.

Here are some of the Pregnancy skin care products that you should stay away from:

  1. Nail Care Products. Most women like to flaunt fabulous nails. Though your nails are dead skin cells they may still be damaged with constant exposure to harmful chemicals found in some nail care products. Dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, and other nasty chemicals found in nail polish products and nail polish removers may pass through the pores of your skin and on your nail beds. These products also release toxic fumes, and constant exposure to them will pose danger to both you and your baby. It is a practical choice not to allow these harsh chemicals to touch your skin during your pregnancy, especially in the first trimester when the baby’s brain is starting to develop.
  2. Tanning Sprays. Spray-on tan formulas contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), an element that is though considered safe for external use, may pose a potential danger when inhaled. Moreover, there are certain studies that indicated that DHA can cause primary DNA damage. Instead of allowing this harmful chemical, why not opt for the healthier alternative. Get the vitamin D that you and your baby need from the radiant glow of the sun. Sunbathe for about 15 minutes every day to get the essential vitamin needed for strong bones. Remember to put on the proper UVA and UVB protection and do not stay longer or after 9 am when the sun starts to shine its brightest.
  3. Skin Lighteners. Dark spots, which is also known as “pregnancy masks” often appear on the face due to hormonal imbalance. Even if the pigmentation may be too annoying for you, you should never attempt to use any skin lightener. This product usually contains a hormone disruptor called “Hydroquinone.” Such chemical has been linked to cancer and organ toxicity.
  4. Artificial Fragrances. These products may provide temporary scents that musk the body’s natural odor, but most of these products also contain a plasticizing agent known as phthalates. They are added to the fragrances to allow them to gel with the skin. Studies indicate that Phthalates cause birth defects and may affect the endocrine system.
  5. Hair Dyes. Many hair coloring products are formulated with carcinogenic chemicals, such as Arylamines and PPD (p-phenylenediamine). If you still think that a change in your hair color will lift your mood, opt for natural hair dye alternatives. (Is it okay if you link one of the articles to this article?)
  6. Parabens. If you are the kind of person who likes to read the labels before buying a product, you will know that parabens (also listed as one of these on product labels: methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl) are included in many personal care products.
  7. Chemical Sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens, either conventional or natural, may contain Oxybenzone (sometimes labeled as benzophenone). This chemical is actually linked to developmental and hormonal disruptions, thus should not be used. To protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun, look for mineral-based sunscreens that contain zinc oxide instead.
  8. Salicylic and Retinoids. These compounds are known to cause pregnancy complications and birth defects. Products with these chemicals are commonly used for acne treatments, exfoliation and as an additive to anti-aging products

Now that you know the products that you should NOT use on your skin, it is time to discover what you can USE to pamper yourself even while you are pregnant. Including these beauty routines will allow you to enjoy a more radiant skin without the guilt.

  1. Reduce unsightly stretch marks. Stretch marks are likely to form on your baby bump, and other parts of the body as your baby grows inside your belly. To lessen the appearance of stretch marks, make sure to eat healthy foods, always keep your body hydrated, and moisturize your skin throughout the day. Look for healthy alternatives as always.
  2. Control facial oil that may clog your skin pores. Look for products that will naturally remove excess oil and dirt on your skin without drying it.
  3. Practice the use of natural oils to enhance your psychological and physical well-being. There are pregnancy-safe options (spearmint, lavender, eucalyptus, etc.) that you may use to enhance your mood as well as increase your cognitive function.

We hope that this will help you have a more enjoyable journey to motherhood. As always, do your due diligence to read the label and learn more about the ingredients on the product labels that you are using or intend to use.